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Saturday, 22 October 2011

October 2011

I couldnt think of title for this post, so I just named after the month it was typed.

The move to Carlisle is rapidly approaching, less than two weeks now. It can not come sooner. Stability, finally! I am sick of the commute to work, and I applaud any one who does 1.5 hours a day commute, for longer than 3 months. I can not do it, it is beyond bad. So all will be good in a few weeks, I can get the sleep I need and get the time to do the stuff I yearn to do.

I am getting the bug back for climbing, at least I think I am. I am finding myself crimping anything, and everything. This generally means I am ready to climb again!


Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Autumn is here in Cumbria, that is for sure. It has rained for what feels like forever but in reality is only a few weeks. I managed to actually go bouldering for the first time since about May, taking the new GF up to Honister. It was in the same condition as the the first time I visited, a long time ago now for my first outside bouldering session. In other words, it had a smaller river running below it meaning the use of a pad was plain stupid unless you like drying your mat! None the less, it was good to get back climbing even if it was for only an hour. I managed a few things but the lovely hanging arete was gopping and could only be accessed from the dirty black crimp to the left which in turn made my dodgy finger ache slightly. IT is a real annoyance at present. I think I am just going to have to suck it up and climb on and the pain may just be scar tissue.

My relocation to Carlisle has moved one step closer. The contracts have been drawn up for the flat I am going to be living in, I am well happy. Making the move will help my life so much. At present I am doing a minimum of 60 hours for work a week. I get up at 7am and get home at 7pm. Making the move will mean staying in bed until 8.15am instead of dragging my sorry behind out of bed at 6.45am. It will also mean I can get to the wall or get out on my bike straight after work. At present I don't get home until 7pm, and I have no motivation to train or do anything really. So Carlisle really is the promise land at the moment. My proposed move to Preston is dead and buried, mainly down to the fact the lady I was seeing and I are no longer an item. Never one to dwell though, I have got back in the saddle, so to speak, and life is good wit a new lady interest on board!

I am typing this blog post having not eaten since 12.30pm yesterday. I am off to the delights of the West Cumbrian Endoscopy Dept at Whitehaven for another joyous sigmoidoscopy. Needless to say, I am starving and have made a packed lunch to devour after the procedure. I am not leaving the hospital this time without some answers. I have been told firstly, that there was nothing wrong with me, then secondly, that I had IBS. I am 99% certain I don't have IBS as the main symptom I have is not related to IBS and all I have read about my symptom says "If you have this, go to a doctor immediately" As you can imagine I am sick and tired of being fobbed off, this is actually starting to ruin my life. But I will hopefully know more by this afternoon.

On a positive note, I took delivery of my new road bike recently. Massive thanks to the guys at Wheelbase in Stavely for sorting me out with a lush Cannondale CAAD10, it is a joy to ride and make covering the miles easy as pie. It has actually inspired me to start looking into doing the C2C first in a 2 day push, there and back with the aim to raise some decent £'s for the local charity my company supports. The bigger challenge is doing the full Lands End to John O Groats route. I have this in mind for some time in the next two years, but more than likely to be 2013. I am running the Keswick Half Marathon next year just before my 30th, I want to get that out the way first!

I am returning to my work tomorrow after having a week off. It has been a long hard slog since we opened the store on the 14th of July and I felt I was going to burn out if I didnt get a rest. I have enjoyed a lot of days with the new GF and met some new and very nice people on the way. I just have today's activities to get out the way followed by copious amounts of eating then I am ready to go again.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Well, its been the best part of a year since I last blogged. And what a year it has been. Illness, break ups, debt, stress, more illness, more stress, more debt, new beginnings, new job, new family, new weight, new beard.......

The list could actually go on for ever. I feel I am at a point now, where I can draw a line under what happened in 2010/early 2011 and move forward. It has been a roller coaster, to use a pun, but it has seen me achieve relatively good health, a bit more weight, a new girlfriend, several cars (not collectively!), a new job (Soon to be replaced again, all fingers, toes and eyes crossed) and a fairly large amount of 'life experience'.

If all goes to plan, I will soon be running my own White Stuff shop in Carlisle, be in control of my finances/debt, be closer to me real goal of relocating to Preston with my other half and climbing and biking again.

Edit. I have removed a section of my blog after some advice, I wrote it in anger which in hindsigth was wrong.

So back to climbing. I have visited West View in Preston a few times and been to CYL also. For now, I need to focus on losing the weight I have gained and getting out on real rock in real life. Finding time to do this is proving tricky but hopefully stability is rapidly approaching and I Can start to focus on me and my life once again.

I some times feel I repeat myself, in fact I know I do. I had my 29th birthday recently and realised life moves way to fast. Its time to get on track and get moving again. Away from obesity, and back to reality. Get fit, not fat!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Still injured

Yes my finger is royally fucked. Its my ring finger on my left hand, the most common to injure I believe? Pain in the first joint type area, basically where a ring would be if I was wearing one (Wedding, that it). Doesn't hurt too much during normal office hours but when I attempt to climb it hurts like hell. I have tried just doing easy routes at the wall but it still hurts. So I think I am facing a long layoff at present, at least 6 months. What a shitter. It may give me chance to dust the bike off and get back on that. That's presuming I don't have to sell it! I have parted company with my other half after months and months off it being on the cards. Tyring to sort out the intricate details of splitting the house and belongings up. I am hoping to take the House on myself, could be difficult though. Fuck it, its over and I am now happy. Typical that I get injured when I no longer need permission to get out climbing!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Whats a Gri-gri?

Tonight I learned how to use a Gri-gri, having basically known what one was but never having laid my hands on one. Me and Ash had a wee walk up to Shepherds to find this overhanging, ideally situated for top roping wall of justice. Having inspected the guide book and talked with a few others, we decided it could be god fun. Ash got the top rope fired up as I don't have a clue what the hell is required. He jumped on a route which I think was called Devils Alternative weighing in at E6 6B or F7a+. HE did it cleanly on his 3rd go on top rope and then proceeded to do it again whilst checking out the gear for a potential lead. He decided not to lead today! I had a quick go but my finger hurt loads. I managed the lower moves but getting the big incut hold hurt like fuck so sacked it off. Really need to do something about this finger issue, but unsure what exactly. Bummer. May get out at the weekend, possibly Sunday after the football or early doors beforehand. Maybe a cobble session on Monday with GCW but may well be me pointing at stuff and spotting.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

A good day, mainly

Well today was quite good in honesty. Went to Honister boulders with the family and had a good time. Bumped into some old friends, made some new ones and climbed up rock. My finger is still a bit whack but I think today helped a bit, sort of stretched it out and worked it a bit. Sarah got up a few problems which was good as well and the offspring also had a blast playing about.

Only downside was getting a flat tyre on the motor due to avoiding a tool in a 4x4. Managed to sort it roadside and off we went so managable in the end.

CD decks arrive soon, YES!!!!!!

Injury and gardening

I am still injured I think. Haven't done any climbing since the fabled sport climbing escapades of last week. I have been quite literally shovelling shit this weekend instead. By shit I mean aggregate/hardcore stuff for my ongoing garden project. I estimate I moved about 1-2 tonnes on my lonesome yesterday and I am royally fooked today. I take my hat off to all the labourers of the world, they must be super fit to do that every day. I am not sure all this manual labour has helped my tweaked finger at all though. My hand feels very weak on the left side of it now and my grip was so poor yesterday I dropped the wheelbarrow a few times. I have promised an old mate I would get out with him at some point this week now I am embracing the ropes again. We Will have to wait and see if how things hold up. My STG of doing powerpinch will have to become a LTG if things don't improve soon. Gutted.

Upshots of the last week have been selling the Wii which was a very expensive ornament. Bought it for the Mrs in a bid to make her do some exercise but she never really got into it. So it will be winging its way to Sheffield on Monday to a new home. I also managed to acquire some CD decks, result! So psyched for these, can not wait to get them and get spinning. My recovery time will not be so boring now as I can blast the neighbours with some prog and start knocking a few mixes out, watch this space.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Sport climbing!! Me?? Outside?? On proper bolts with clips and stuff??

Yes that's correct, last night I was proper sport climbing and everything. Check my bad self. I was at a recently bolted local venue that shall remain a closely guarded secret for now. I managed to get to about 8-9m up a F6Bish route, on top rope! Sounds pathetic really but considering this is the second time in about 7 years that I have actually roped up and my first time ever sport climbing outside, I think I did OK. I got proper disco leg, got hit with some loose rock whilst belaying Ash and got bitten by midges. I think I am now a fully qualified sport climber am I not?

I did notice a fine looking line on a detached boulder/bloc that has tumbled down the hillside from above so I can still sneak off there with my pads and work it out. Should be good fun, its a right to left rising line that needs a brush. I will no doubt get abuse from the other activists but hey, who gives a rat's ass?!

Finger is still tweaky, not good news. Gives me a chance to scope out a little hidden craglet that's pretty close to my work as well.......

The plot thickens!!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Boooo. Injured.

What a total twat! After getting back into the groove and actually putting on a harness for the first time in about 7 years, I have gone and injured myself.

Had a good little run last week, wall on Tuesday doing routes, wall on Wednesday bouldering, Bowderstone Thursday. Foolishly didn't warm up enough and leaped onto Hot Air with Ash. Was managing some crazy drop knee with my dodgy leg and felt OK then the pain started in my left hand ring finger. Dull ache to be more precise. Stopped immediately and rested it. IT still fells tweaky so gonna try some easy routes somewhere tomorrow with Ash. Bloody typical!

Otherwise I was feeling ok, hopefully this will pass without too much bother. Non-climbing wise had a good weekend. Went to 2 different parties, didn't drink a massive amount as was driving but ate a lot of buffet food which caused havoc with my IBS. Over that now though so worth the sacrifice for the quiche.

I love quiche!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Back from the wilderness......

It has been a long, long time since I visited my own blog. 7 months to be precise.

A lot has happened in 7 months. Career wise I have been on some wild rampage going from job to job seemingly unstoppable. It has been a mentally taxing time and I dare say I came very close to losing it all together. Thankfully, I didn't and things are now some what more stable. Kinda.

At the time of my last post, I was setting off into a career with Phones4u. A truly horrendous proposition. I had always said I would never work for them as my other half did at the time and I knew what they were like. Needs must though and we were struggling for money so I had to suck up my pride, and start working from the bottom of the pile again. I was sitting on a bus for 3 hours a day to get to Carlisle to con nice people out of their money and take orders from a jumped up little prick who turned out to be only 2 years older than me. I have never worked with such a pure wanker in all my days. The weird thing was though, out of work he was a decent bloke. As a manager though, horrific. He came very close to getting a right hook on more than one occasion. Condescending little bastard. I stuck this job out until March of 2010, when I landed a job as assistant manager at Cotswold in Carlisle. I was working for an old friend and colleague and was out of the mobile phone industry at last. Bliss.

This career move was short lived though. I had applied for another job back in February whilst still at Phones4uevenifyoudontwantone. It had been ages, I had heard nothing so was very surprised to get a call off my now current employer. The worst thing was I was I was loving being back at Cotswold, it had been 5 years since I worked for them and a lot had changed. I fitted in well with the team and was happy. The new job was at first a bit of a gamble. I was leaving a secure and thriving national firm to go and work for an independent climbing wall manufacturer. I had left Orange all those months ago to go to a independent mobile phone retailer and look where that got me. I went and spoke to the MD and decided to accept the job, It was closer to home, 8-5 Monday through Friday, more money, bank hols and Xmas etc off, a normal job. It was a good gamble as well as it has turned out to be a great job, dare I say it, the best job I have ever had? Yes, I think so. 2 months down the line and I still love it. Every day is different. Driving forklifts one day, testing mobile towers another. Ordering a load of holds for a wall one day, working on a new build the next. Totally varied and totally brilliant. I work with great people and more importantly I work with a great guy who is a strong climber who wants to get out. Winner. At last I am settled and with a new climbing partner I am getting out more and more. I am training, I even put a harness on the other day and did some routes at the wall!! Superb. Then there is my health......

....Which is finally getting under control. Three little letters in the end: IBS. After months of illness and feeling so bad I did actually think I could be facing death, I have emerged ok. I went to see a little old lady in a health shop who really helped. I am on a super restricted diet but I don't care. I feel alive again, better on all fronts. I don't feel so wretched that I could barely get up in the morning. I have energy again, blood in my veins. It feels good to be alive. I am not in the dark anymore, I know how to make myself feel better, or feel worse! I pay the price if I stray from my diet but some times I do. You learn to take the rough with the smooth sometimes. On the whole, it is manageable, easily. You just have to be committed.

The last 12 months have been mostly difficult. Being closer to home was a major perk in my new job for more than just transportation costs and travel time. My other half was diagnosed with depression and severe stress so I had to be closer to home. She was left in charge of our little girl on a now full time basis and this worried me terribly. It was not good for either of them. Depression is a difficult thing for me to comprehend. My other half, brother, uncle, Auntie, cousin, another uncle and at least 4 friends are all depressed and off work. I cant seem to quantify it. I have suffered some awful things in my life, enough to potentially make anyone depressed but I'm not. I can understand how hard things are sometimes but I cant understand the point when you go from being ok, to depressed. I am of the same train of thought as my dad, these people should be smacked round the head and told to pull themselves together. If only it was that simple. Living with a depressed person is hard work, really hard. It is hard to describe, it is like trying to juggle I think. You have to make sure so many things are happening at once and so many things are getting looked after that sometimes something inevitably drops and when it drops it drops big style. My other half has been off for 3 months now and wont be going balc to work for Phones4u. It breeds negative feelings in people, it spawns bad things. It really should be avoided at all costs.

So to summarise, I am climbing again, I am healthier, I am still off the smokes, don't work for Phones4u EVER, take gambles on jobs, enjoy your children. Live by these rules and you will be ok. Probably.